Hello Friend,

Am glad to see you here. You may be looking for some change in your life. Well I tell you, you have come to the right place, at the right time. I was once trying to find an answers on so many different things in life before this. I was like, will there be a chance for my life to change for the better? And, I just finally got an answer.

Hi, my name is Liby and my husband is Allan and we have 3 wonderful kids. We got married at an early age and so we now have 2 young adult boys which is 20 and 19. It was 3 years ago when we moved here in Calgary, Alberta from the Philippines. Last Feb 2018, we got the most precious gift and that is, we got a baby girl after 18 years. We are so happy to have this little one. Right now, am on my maternity leave until Feb 2019. Having said that, income is limited and so the budget is tight.

 Prior to my maternity, I worked in one of the major banks in Canada but it only lasted for a while as the Centralized Accounting Office in Calgary was closed and moved to another province and almost 200 employees were laid off. Then, I worked in an oil and gas but because the economy is down, it was sold by the owner.

 Though we were absorbed by the new company still it wasn’t easy as the culture was different and even their system was new. Jumping from one job to another is hard but what is more difficult is having no job security because of unstable economy. With these, I couldn’t help but worry for my family’s future. Being a mother, with family to support back home and as Calgary living getting expensive, it’s hard to sustain a living especially when you’re on a limited income. This situation becomes my turning point to find other ways and look around for something else that will help us supplement our income. Couldn’t afford anymore juggling to several jobs without having security and with no time for the family. 

Time is precious, spend it with your loved ones as you can.
That’s why am happy I came across to this amazing business opportunity. At first, I was skeptical but when I watched the online workshop and realized how many people lives were changed for the better, seeing how supportive the community is, I took the action and am glad I did.

Thank you and I am grateful that you took the time to read this. Hope you will look around. Am very excited for you achieve your goals. I would love to mentor you the way we were mentored. You will never be alone in this business and most importantly, the system works 90% and it just need your 10% commitment to successfully run the business. Lastly, I hope to see you on the other side!
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Liby Miguel